About Embrace Noir

Embrace Noir mission is to provide noir babes a single destination where you could find high quality yet sustainable jewelry: for a fraction of what you would expect to pay elsewhere! Our MOTIVE is to EMBRACE. EVERY. BEAUTY.  If stacking rings are your thing, then this is the place to be - without it becoming too much. Save time from having to go site to site in search of the perfect hoop earrings-- if you can’t find a piece in our site feel free to email us a picture of what you desire. We will try our best to accommodate you!

Our collection has an overall unifying feel, but each design still stands out in its own right. Embrace Noir is the number one place to find SLAYING statement jewelry!  Each piece is precisely crafted and given life through the telling of the stories behind the designs.

Simplicity is a hard thing to get right; sometimes delicate jewelry can blend within an outfit, making it unnoticeable. But the minimalist designs from us showcases perfect simplicity in a statement fashion - the pieces LITERALLY speak for themselves and can make any outfit. Guaranteed to receive constant compliments! We have remarkable treasures, every piece is like a small work of art. 

Always remember to Embrace your Beauty!

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